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Kettlebell Sport Class
In these classes we teach the main lifts Jerk, Snatch, and Long Cycle.  We also cover many other various kettlebell exercises as well.  In each class we work on our mobility and flexibility as well.  What you can expect out of this class is a new found love for kettlebells along with amazing strength, flexibility, endurance, and extreme loss of body fat.  What is great about kettlebell sport is that it is for everyone no matter about what age you are or your fitness level.  This class will benefit anyone looking to compete in their first kettlebell competition, work on getting their master of sport, or just working on getting their butt in shape.

Free Yoga Thursday's Class
These classes are perfect for all types of athletes looking for a way to create more strength, balance and flexibility in their body. We focus on breath and body awareness as we move through a variety of poses and conscious sequencing. This high-energy class focus more on organic movements allowing you to do what's best for your unique body. During our practice, we will guide your breath and cue you through your moments with minimal modeling. This will allow for the instructors to adjust or assist the class during poses.

Strength and Conditioning Class
Strength is the number one component to any program or fitness goal.  Strength will increase your speed, make you more agile, give you better balance, increase your power, and trim your waistline.  In this class we focus on the basic movements of push, pull, hinge, and squat.  We break down a few of those movements and really focus on mastering the technique for that specific movement in efforts to make us stronger.  Then we end the class with some conditioning using various tools to help increase your work capacity.

Youth Strength Development Class
For kids ages 12-18.  In these classes we teach the basic movement patterns: push, pull, hinge, squat, run, jump, crawl, and climb.  Speed and agility drills will be taught as well.  Kids will learn how to properly use the kettlebell and the different movements of the kettlebell.  Kids will also get conditioned to training with different tools such as sandbags, tires, rings, etc.  The main focus of these classes is to show kids how to properly strengthen their bodies and teach them how to avoid injuries as well.

Nutrition Services
We offer a very unique experience to anyone looking to change their diet.  During your sessions, we are completely dedicated to defining your goals, and creating a plan that works for you. Our counseling services are client-centered. By this we mean, is that we can give a list of “do’s and don’ts” to anyone- that doesn’t mean that any behavior is going to change, and thats not why we chose our career.  We look at the entire person- your culture, your work schedule, your family, your food preferences, your budget, and help you achieve the nutrition goals you have always wanted. During your sessions we review your medical and surgical history, supplements, medications, weight history, allergies/intolerances,  and food logs. Then we create meal plans and nutrient specific goals, develop grocery lists, and create any other tool that might be helpful to you. You can schedule an initial assessment (which usually lasts 60-90 minutes) and then schedule follow ups as needed (these usually last 30-45 minutes).  However, making behavior change takes time and support, and for this we offer a package which includes an initial assessment, a grocery shopping tour, follow up visits and weekly E-support. This package should be completed within 4-6 weeks.  Contact us for more information about our Nutrition Services.

Personal Training
Need more help reaching your goals? Then the individualized approach of a one on one session may be just what you are looking for.  Programs are tailored towards your goals and abilities to help you achieve the results you have been looking for.  We also offer customized programs that you can follow along at home, at your gym, or anywhere you maybe in the world.  We design the programs based around what equipment you have available to you and your fitness goals.  Even if you have no equipment at all we can still offer you with great programming based on your individual goals and abilities.  We create a personalized program for you and then you send us your results via email to track your progress and make modifications if need be.  So whether you are looking to increase your numbers in kettlebell sport, get stronger, or lose weight online programming is a great tool for all your needs.  Contact us for more information about Personal Training.

Class Pricing
Monthly Membership $160
Monthly Membership with autopay $120
Monthly Youth Membership $80
*Memberships are month to month with No contracts

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