1200 W 35th St
Chicago, IL 60609


"Bridgeport is home to the best kettlebell training center in Chicago. The owner Rock Cox is an excellent instructor and a tremendous athlete himself.
He works with people of all levels of fitness, and encourages everyone to perform to their best ability. His patience, persistence and attention to technique
make him an excellent trainer. Classes are fun and motivating, and he is always coming up with new routines that push us beyond our own expectations.
Rock makes sure that everyone strives to reach his or her personal goals. Under Rock’s guidance, two members of our class have become champion lifters,
winning first place in national competitions. If you are new the sport of kettlebell,
 or a veteran lifter, Rockfit is the place to be."
Avril Greenberg

"Rock runs a great class.  Always challenging and different.  He keeps on eye on your form so, if you're paying attention, you get more efficient, stronger and your endurance goes up.  Positive attitude and classic rock help keep you motivated.  Good mix of classmates, from relative newbies (like myself) to very experienced.
 If you want a great combination strength and cardio workout,
then come on out to Bridgeport!"
Steve Porras

"I have done various forms of kettlebell training for a few years and it's pretty evident when trainers provide safe and useful instruction and when they do not. Rock is definitely in the former group as he is very thorough, pushes you to do that extra rep or next weight kettlebell while making sure your form stays on point. I feel stronger, can easily carry bags of grocery while also carrying a squirmy 25lb toddler.  This may not sound like much but I feel like strength training should also be functional in that you should also be able to do more in your daily life without tiring out easily.  Also his classes are small so you feel like you're getting one on one instruction when you go."
Deidre Hilliard

"Totally gonna jump up on this here 5-star bandwagon...because it's justified!
These classes are great. Constantly changing, tough, motivating with a dash of competition from time to time. Rock does a great job nudging you a bit harder than you'd normally push yourself and he has a great attitude to go with it.
And if the persistent motivation from Rock isn't enough...then maybe a little AC/DC or Metallica will help push you to the edge! Cause Rock loves his classic rock and that's A-O-K with me! Totally recommend this for athletes at any level.
PS Don't let the huge bruises you'll have on your forearm deter you either...those go away with practice or if you wear your YELP wrist sweatbands like I did it'll provide a good bumper! Plus they just make you look more hardcore."
Carol Mudra

"Since going to Rockfit Kettlebell Training, I have noticed tremendous changes in my fitness. I've lost body fat, tightened my core, discovered muscles in my back and shoulders that I had never known before and have become all around stronger.
His workouts are constantly changing which keeps it exciting and challenging. Everyday is a high intensity workout combining cardio and weight training. His passion is contagious and he always pushes you farther than you thought you could go. If you want a workout that shows results, then I recommend Rock's class. He's transformed my body and I feel stronger than ever!"
Mary Kores

"Been going to kettlebell training for about a month. My core and back feel great. Rock does a great job mixing it up.
I have lost over 10lbs and I am already getting stronger."
Joe Pekic

"Rock is a fantastic instructor - every day is a different set of exercises from doing ladders, to running through the park (which is beautiful), to "playing" on the jungle gym, etc.  My boyfriend and I attended 3 times a week at 6am and it was a great way to start the day.  Get up and get going!"
Emma Salustro

"Found Rockfit through Groupon. I was looking to change up my usual winter routine and do something to help my overall fitness. As a long time cyclist I can tell you that while being in decent shape for riding, the upper body gets ignored.
Rock does a great job changing up the workouts, and I'll be the first to tell you that It's not unusual for me to doubled over trying to catch my second wind.
So the end result has been all I could have hoped for. Did I turn into a super cut poster boy? Not hardly. Rib Tips and beer won't allow that to happen. Have I gotten stronger, more flexible? You bet. I had a much easier transition back to the bike when the weather changed and found the soreness in my back and legs that are typical early season companions to be less noticeable and shorter in length.
As the summer progressed I found that I could ride
in a more aggressive position and for longer durations.
I guess this a long winded way of saying that Rockfit has been great for me,
give it a try!"
Dave Sampson

"Rockfit Kettlebells has been a positive improvement in my health and physical strength. Rock is an amazing trainer - encouraging and challenging. He mixes up our daily workouts with the goal to enhance all body strength. This training has improved my running times. Great way to start your mornings!"
Brenda McCord

"It is a great workout, period!  Rock is always changing it up so your muscles never know what's coming.  Let me echo Carol M. that it is the environment where you get "nudged" to work harder and get stronger.  If your up for a morning workout (Rock teaches later ones) be ready to get better."
Jaime Gonzalez

"Love it! Rockfit  has kicked me in gear this summer. I would NOT be up early working out in the park were it not for the accountability of having Rock yell at me when/ if I am late. :) That said, I appreciate the way Rock uses your own body to give you an intense workout; I can take to exercises we do and carry them over to my own workouts - all without having the need to pay for a sweaty, smelly gym. During the short summer in Chicago, what more could you ask for in a workout?! Come out and join us!!!!"
Alicia Glaze

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